So, there are rumours going around that this is the lost sex tape Paris Hilton filmed of Jared during the filming of House of Wax.


Someone had this to say about it:

Oh, the infamous SamWannBe porn, named so because so many fans of the TV show Supernatural believe it could be the actor Jared Padalecki. Fans say the porn above was made by Paris Hilton during the filming of the movie House of Wax and she supposedly claimed the guy was an “up and cumming Russian porn star who was just shy” WTF? LOL  It was called Tom_2005 and Jared’s character was named Tom and he did have to shave his body for the wax scene and the guy in the video is totally shaven. Even the voice an body match say fans. They have scrutinized it over and over again. They changed it to SamWannaBe and it was put on MegaUpload until the FBI shut it down. Now, someone found it here. If anyone knows who the man is and has proof, that would be interesting. So…anyone know?

Watch it for yourselves, and tell me what you think.

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Anonymous asked:

what do you think benedict and martin would be like in bed separately?

p0rnstarswholooklikebbcsherlock answered:

Martin: I think he’d be a hilarious lover. He’d make little jokes and peck at your skin softly, chuckling throughout the whole ‘foreplay’ thing if he’s gonna take the time to do it- if it’s not just a quick fuck, or whatever. He’d be gentle and caring and tender. Although he’d want to take his time with the actual sex, I sort of think he’d lose control after a few minutes and give you the best sex of your life- not messy, no. But wanton.

Benedict: He’d be passionate. Really, really passionate. He’d look at you with these eyes that just make your skin crawl and tingle in the best ways possible. He’d kiss you deep and slow, always on top so you’re the only thing he could see. I’m pretty positive he’d be a good frantic lover as well, but I see him as someone who likes to take his time- someone who likes to feel everything slowly and drink it all in.

Needless to say, in my own honest opinion, these two men would be the greatest lovers, ever.

-A xx.



I read an article about The Big Sleep (1946) where they had to hint at the sexual exploits of Carmen Sternwood because censorship wouldn’t allow them to say that she’s been doing pornographic photo shoots. So they put her in a “Chinese dress in a Chinese chair” as innuendo. During that period in Hollywood, people understood that “Chinese” was code for “immoral or deviant”. Anyway, point is, mentioning “Chinese” was supposed explain that she did porn.

So now you get the joke.